The OpenMinds Internship Programme.

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openminds intern arthur saget

Arthur Saget, IÉSEG School of Management, International Trade & Negotiation and Logistics (France).

While the highlight of my internship was to develop a marketing programme for an upcoming mobile app, I have to say the internship as a whole was enriching and increased my certainty as to what I’m heading to.

My stay at OpenMinds was really something new and refreshing in both the way the company operates and the state of mind that reigns here. I would recommend this internship programme to anyone looking for a fast growing company in the industry.

openminds intern timothy low

Timothy Low, Taylor’s University, Computing.

My experience in OpenMinds™ was amazing. I did not expect my internship experience to turn out this way. The people in OpenMinds™ were very friendly and helpful at time of need. The environment of the working space is different and helped me to generate more creative ideas in my work.

Working there expanded my knowledge in web development, which enabled me to develop better web applications in an organized manner. Through the internship programme I was also exposed to Social Media Marketing – something I did not know I could do but with the help of the social media team, I was able to pick it up and learn more about the social media industry.

openminds intern cheryl kam

Cheryl Kam, The One Academy, Interior Architecture and Design.

I’m really glad I came into OpenMinds™ as an intern and I can honestly say that this workplace is the best place to work. I really enjoyed my time here as the people makes it easy, comfortable, and not just all about work. I love how OpenMinds™ has made me feel like I’m a part of them even though I’m just an intern. Listening to them during discussions in meetings and RE:Source Fridays have taught me so much.

My experience here was definitely amazing, something I truly cherish. Coming from zero knowledge of graphic design and social media, I’ve grown so much throughout these few months and not only I’ve explored in this industry, I’ve also build friendships and learnt so much from each and every one in OpenMinds™. Thank you, OpenMinds™ for being so friendly, welcoming and amazing to me!

openminds intern aleksi

Aleksi Kaivos, Metropolia Espoo, University of Applied Sciences (Finland).

My internship at OpenMinds was a great experience and a success for me! The atmosphere at OpenMinds encouraged me to learn lots of new things and to gain abilities that I already know I will be using in my future career.

The most valuable skills I obtained during my internship period was to better understand marketing and how a consultancy company works. The OpenMinds team consists of great people and everyone is friendly and helpful. This is a place where you do not have to be afraid of failures and where every idea is worth of hearing.

openminds intern janne

Janne Saarinen, Metropolia Espoo, University of Applied Sciences (Finland).

Choosing OpenMinds for my internship period was definitely a good choice. The working environment and the people I worked with are something that I’ll miss in the future. I felt like being a part of a family from the day one and we truly had fun and memorable moments during the three months I spent in Malaysia.

I had no prior experience of online or social media marketing and I really learnt a lot during my internship at OpenMinds. Last but not least, I got a chance to meet and get to know some great people who will remain as my friends forever!

openminds intern oscar

Oscar Fagerudd, Metropolia Espoo, University of Applied Sciences (Finland).

My experience in OpenMinds was great! I worked with the Social Media team and learned so much, made new friends and had fun. The great thing was that I got to work on the same projects as other team members despite being an intern and I had just right amount of challenges. Various tasks from photography to Facebook analytics developed my personal skills and my creativity.

During my three month stay I gained valuable experience and get to know how social media for business works.

openminds intern te sheng

Chang Te Sheng, Taylor’s University, A-Levels.

As a generation that spends most of our time online, we thought we had it in the bag when we first joined OpenMinds™ Resources as interns. How mistaken were we as we realized our knowledge and understanding of how to utilize social media for clients’ marketing efforts was limited.

OpenMinds™ Resources promotes creativity and excellence. We had the opportunity to prepare a marketing idea proposal with actual deadlines and brainstorming sessions. Opinions were also encouraged during our presentation, thus boosting our confidence.

openminds intern chia sing

Wan Chia Sing, Taylor’s University, A-Levels.

OpenMinds™ Resources is a growing company, which is great for interns because there are constantly opportunities to try something new. For instance, we were given the chance to follow a photographer to a photoshoot for a client that opened our eyes to view things from a different perspective.

We would describe the whole process in three words: Creativity, flexibility and eye-opening. Our time in the company was shorter than preferred, but it has helped us to grow in certain ways and most of all, it opened up our minds.

openminds intern samantha low

Samantha Low, Taylor’s University, Graphic Design.

My experience in OpenMinds™ as a graphic design intern has been a delightful one. What I enjoy the most is the stress-free working environment.

Throughout my 2 months in OM, I’ve learned the importance of teamwork. Working together as a team helped my performance as I have others to always give me their full support. I admire the spirit of oneness in OM. They showed me the ability to work efficiently as a team. I will definitely take this back to classes when having to deal with group projects. I’ve truly enjoyed my internship in OpenMinds™. 2 months is short but from this short span of time, I’ve gained an experience to be remembered.


Kylie Saw, University of Melbourne, Commerce.

I was accepted into this internship, most likely on the basis of my Instagram expertise. This was a company that did things in the way you would see in movies, those “cool” companies. It was surreal.

During my time, I had the opportunity of peering in to the effort and passion that went on behind-the-scenes of a seemingly simple Facebook page. Who knew you needed more than just pretty pictures and witty words to grab the attention of your virtual audience?

OpenMinds™ is self-explanatory in the name and does exactly that! I’ve come to not just love social media, but respect it’s sheer capabilities. All I can say is, you’ve spoilt me. How can I ever put myself through a regular 9-5, cubical job now!

openminds intern kay sern

Chow Kay Sern, University of Wollongong, Commerce.

I am so grateful to say that OpenMinds Resources allowed me to experiment and explore new business ideas as well. I remember how nervous I was to suggest a multi-social media integration platform to help with OpenMinds Resources’ clients, as well as organizing the brand via social media.

In this process I researched the platform, and used a self-educating approach in learning more about the value of social media, and the analytical tools available for any business. Overall, it truly was a unique and VALUABLE experience and learning opportunity. Thank you OpenMinds for the opportunities you provided me to develop my knowledge of business this past year!


Christy Ng, KDU University College, Mass Communication.

As a communications student, having the knowledge on how the media has evolved over the years is crucial as it helps to know which platform your news and advertisements should go on. At OpenMinds, I learned that the little expertise I thought I had over the social media I regularly use is but a small part of a bigger picture.

I’m glad I got the chance to do my internship with OpenMinds because I’ve learned a lot in a short period of time – my three months just flew by! – and apply what I’ve learned in college to real world practices. I’m honoured I had the chance to co-lead the FIND Christmas project as it taught me things like working in a team, how to be a better coordinator and most importantly, to be patient when I feel like things aren’t going the way as planned.

All in all, my internship experience with OpenMinds has been a truly resourceful one and the dynamic people I’ve met at the company have also taught me little things in their own way.


Esther Wong, IACT College, Mass Communication.

OpenMinds operates on such a refreshing culture. I love that they encourage innovation and creativity. The environment here was always open and my questions were answered with patience. I’ve improved my design skills through independent projects and guidance from the creative team greatly.

As an intern you’re given real work, but there’s also room for personal growth. I’ve been blessed to be able to complete my internship placement here. No regrets!

openminds intern damon wong

Damon Wong, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Business Management and Marketing.

If you have wondered what a social media intern would do, do not worry because you’re not the only one. But one thing I can firmly tell you is that you will not be scrolling through Facebook the entire day day.

From the first month, I was introduced to different things, and what fascinated me the most is how things work behind the scenes of social media. I was surprised on how little knowledge I have despite being on social media so frequently!

In conclusion, you will experience something different from the usual internships. You’ll need to have an open mind to accept and overcome challenges daily. If you think you are the right candidate, there’s no better place than OpenMinds!


Michii Tam, KDU University College, Mass Communication.

I am glad that I had the privilege to join OpenMinds™ as an intern. It is one of the luckiest things that ever happened to me as I had a lot of opportunities to learn and explore. I worked as a social media intern during the internship period and I learned more than I expected! Guess what? Social media is not just as simple as you think it is!

It’s so powerful and interesting! The team loves listening to new ideas and questions as they believe there are no invalid ideas or questions. Although it was just a three month internship, it has opened my eyes to different experiences such as social media management, content creation, photoshoots for live events / concerts, event planning, and many more!

OpenMinds™ has inspired and changed me in many ways; it has made me a better person and I am very proud to call myself an OMster!


Sona Jessica Merlin, Taylor’s University, Mass Communication.

“It looks sweet!” “Convincing enough.” “Sugar-coated, perhaps?” Those were the few words that crossed my mind when I first viewed the internship page of OpenMinds’ website. I have to say, all the good things that were said are true.

My internship with OpenMinds™ has nothing to do with coffee-making or wiping dust off desks. It was a time of bonding and creating things together; never allowing limits to belittle us.

My works were duly accepted and my voice was heard among the team, I felt like one of them, sometimes forgetting I was even an intern. OpenMinds™ has created a physical space big enough for open discussions and an emotional space that is warmly welcoming. I have definitely gained many valuable gems during this internship and it will forever be a favoured memory of mine.

openminds intern cheryl ang

Cheryl Ang, IACT College, Mass Communication.

As I grew up, I always wanted a job where I could be myself. I told myself that I’d need to get a job with great culture with new learning experiences. As I came to OpenMinds, I found that this is THE place that will help me kickstart my career journey.

Being here and working together with the team was truly a blessing. Truth be told, I had no prior knowledge of social media marketing and very scarce knowledge of design but because of my time here, I’ve managed to pick up these skills.

It has been an honour to be a part of this ever growing team and they’ve given me so much encouragement and support throughout my internship period.


Yi-Jet Wong, University of Massachusetts, Marketing.

It sucks when you don’t possess your own vehicle in the Klang Valley, that was already a limiting factor when I was looking for an internship. Moreover, with the long hair that I was growing out I knew I needed to work in a place where it was open to different cultures, business with a dash of freedom. Fortunately, I found OpenMinds. I went in with little to non-existent digital or tech knowledge, and I came out knowing more than what I had hoped for.

I had my doubts; my concerns, lots of questions; but hey, you have to try something ONCE right? I took it and never looked back, coming out with more knowledge and more friends.

openminds intern goh ee vonne

Goh Ee Vonne, University of Malaya, Arts and Social Sciences.

My internship experience at OpenMinds in the Social Media team was very fulfilling. The part where I love most about this company is that I got to ask a lot of questions and all my questions wouldn’t be left unanswered. I am very grateful that I was able to be a part of OpenMinds because I was surrounded with people that are very humble and selfless in guiding me throughout my internship period here.

On top of that, OpenMinds loves and appreciates all their talents by always motivating and believing in them. They encourage and assist us to step out from our comfort zone and to challenge our fears.

If you are looking for a place to grow, OpenMinds would definitely be the perfect place for you. My three months with OpenMinds was like my three years in university, no exaggeration.

openminds intern jules gaire

Jules Gaire, KEDGE Business School (France), International Business and Marketing.

My internship at OpenMinds was incredible. I had the chance to take part in the early stage of starting up OpenMinds Hong Kong for a month, followed by three months at the headquarters in Kuala Lumpur. I had the opportunity to grow in two different cities and work environment.

The knowledge you can acquire as an intern at OpenMinds is far superior to what you can expect. Your dedication and curiosity will define the things you will achieve here. The team is open to help you and teach you new skills. The work environment at OpenMinds is like a little family. Everyone has the opportunity to grow within their respective teams and also from anyone regardless of their core competencies. The climate is “sharing to become a better team”.

openminds intern kelvin pong

Kelvin Pong, Sunway University, International Hospitality Management.

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