The Essentials

Finding your way on social media? No problem.

Getting it Right on Social Media

Overwhelmed by social media? Don’t know where to begin? Unsure if social media will work for your business? Don’t know if you are doing it right? Get started here! OpenMinds Resources will help you put your right foot forward by doing the necessary research, analysis and provide you with a tailored guidebook for a social media kick start! There is nothing more important than first knowing what you are getting yourself into.

Social Media Guidebook

If you are new to social media or simply unsure if social media will work for you, this programme answers all that.


OpenMinds Resources will study your business objectives, processes, operations and resources to develop a tailored, documented step-by-step social media management program that you can manage on your own!

You will receive a social media guidebook that consist of:

  • A feasibility test to identify the possibilities for your business with social media.
  • The big picture of how you can achieve your business goals with social media.
  • A drill down on the responsibilities involved.
  • A section indicating the dos and don’ts on social media.
  • An introduction to social media management tools that you can utilise.
  • A step-by-step guide on content creation and fan engagement.
  • How to measure your efforts on social media.
  • 10 ideas you can implement to sustain and grow your social media presence.

This programme takes: Est. 15 to 30 days

Social Media Audit

This programme is designed for you if you already have an online presence but are unsure if you’re doing it right.


The Social Media Audit program is specially designed by OpenMinds Resources to conduct a thorough investigation, research and analysis of your business’ current state in the digital world to help you identify if there are areas that your business is missing out on, or if your strategy isn’t working for you.

By identifying the health of your website, social media channels, search engine rankings, online PR and marketing campaigns, your business will be able to tackle issues immediately to improve its performance in reaching out to your target audience and will include:

  • An analysis on your website(s)’ design, responsiveness, accessibility, level of social media integration, technology utilized, content presentation, navigation structure, mobile compatibility and etc
  • A detailed keyword research of your business and industry, ranking across popular search engines, level of competition, competitive comparisons and etc
  • Your social media standing across existing platforms, usage of its features, viability and quality of content, level of fan engagement, number of engagement, contents’ effectiveness in contributing to business objectives and etc
  • A research and investigation of your business’ reach and mention across external websites and social media platforms, customers’ sentiment towards your business, detailed analysis on your web statistics and etc

This programme takes: Up to 60 days

Social Media Reporting and Analytics

This programme helps you identify the state of your online presence and helps you make sense of the data generated.


Going through social media analytics can be a daunting process even if you rely on Google Analytics, Facebook Insights or any tool that gives you the numbers, especially if you are unsure of what they really mean to you.

OpenMinds Resources go through these data for you and translate them into clear, actionable items for your business to assist you in achieving your business objectives.

As the content of the report depends on your business objectives, the below are some generic items you can expect:

  • Summary of key happenings.
  • Action items.
  • Content and channel distribution analysis.
  • User engagement analysis.
  • Content analysis.
  • Business line analysis.
  • Competitive analysis.
  • And more!

This programme takes: Up to 7 days per report