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How to Become a Copywriter in 3 Simple Steps

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Anyone can write copy.

In fact, anyone can write good copy.

If you pay close attention to your surroundings, you will find that good copy is all around. Whether it’s the things you see or the conversations you hear, copy is everywhere—as long as you can identify it.

But, what is copy?

Simply, copy means words.

Copy refers to the words you find in advertising, whether it is on billboards, in magazines or even social media postings.Yes, that means even your daily Instagram Stories involve copywriting!

All this while, you may have been writing copy without even realizing it. But now, it’s time to delve deeper and find out how to become a legit copywriter.


1. Start Writing.

The key to become a copywriter is to start writing intentionally.

During my college years, aside from my assignments and group projects, I began blog writing for topics I was interested in. I even picked up freelance copywriting and wrote for a Korean green tea company based in New Zealand. I made it a point to write at least one blog a week, and that’s how I grew in copywriting.

For you, it may be as simple as committing to write Instagram captions once a day. Whatever it is, start somewhere and keep on writing.

Bullet Journal

2. Develop a Copywriting Process.

Every copywriter has a process.

This allows them write copy quickly, consistently and thoughtfully. Here’s my copywriting process.

[Step 1: Do Your Research.]

Before even writing, you need to understand what you are writing about. This is a key phase that lays the groundwork for the following steps.

[Step 2: Know Your Target Audience]

It is important to understand who you are writing to. The person’s age, gender, preferences and even personality should influence the tone and manner of your writing.

[Step 3: Find Your Central Message]

Many times, copywriters try to include all the information they can find into one piece of copywriting, and the result is one big mess. It doesn’t matter whether you’re writing a 7-word headline or a 2,000-word blog article. Find the one thing you want to say and form everything else based on it.

[Step 4: Come Up With A Tagline]

Popular taglines and headlines stick with you, like Nike’s “Just Do It” and McDonald’s “I’m lovin’ it!” And these phrases form the base for how people perceive your brand. To learn how to write a killer headline, check out Copyblogger’s in-depth tutorial here.

Writing Tools

3. Build Your Copywriting Toolbox

When you’re facing writer’s block, or when you’re looking for just the right word to use, that’s when your copywriting toolbox comes in handy. Here are a few of my copywriting tools.

[Swipe File]

This is a copywriter’s moodboard. It can contain various kinds of words, phrases or copywriting examples that a copywriter finds inspiring or helpful.

Swipe File GIF

My swipe file contains a list of power verbs and proven keywords that help create urgency, build trust and inspire action. Start building yours today, or refer to sites like to get more info.

[Thesaurus or]

Using the same words over and over and over again can get repetitive. That’s why tools like these help copywriters keep their copy fresh and interesting.

My personal favourite is because it provides you with words, phrases and sentences related to a specific category. For instance, the meat and seafood category alone contains over 200 adjectives!


The most important skill of a copywriter is not the ability to write, but the ability to listen.

A lot of amazing copy comes from what you hear throughout the day. As a content strategist, I find that the best time to gather copy is during meetings and conversations with people. Usually, hidden gems can be found when someone who’s passionate about a project shares his or her heart.

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You Can Be A Copywriter Today.

There you go, all it takes to become a copywriter are these 3 simple steps.

Stop thinking and start writing today!

3 Simple Ways to Build Your Net Worth With Social Media

The term ‘net worth’ is commonly used as a reference to monetary value – through accumulating of assets. However, building your net worth the same way by accumulating huge number of social media accounts, fans or followers isn’t exactly it.

The thing is, many companies, businesses and individuals are going about accumulating fans and followers thinking that it is a volume game. Sure, creating an audience is a part of the process but is that really your net worth? So, you may have 100,000 fans or followers to date but how much value are you to them? Are you credible?

Value and Credibility. That is net worth.

I’m referring to your value to your customers, fans and followers; your credibility in the industry and among your competitors. How do you stand out from them? Or rather, how can you stand out from them?

Thankfully, we have a myriad of social media platforms to our disposal and here’s how you can use them.

#1: Create Your Own Content

Create Relevant Content

The type of content you generate defines who you are on social media. The moment someone opens up your Facebook page or Twitter profile, your status updates and tweets creates that first impression – so use that to your advantage.

Create content that are relevant to your interest and expertise. This way, you are subtly positioning yourself as an expert in that domain and people will recognize you for what you have been posting  – whether they are videos, articles, photos or soundtracks.

#2: Share Content from Others

Share Relevant Content

In the midst of creating your own content, spend time sharing relevant content from others too! Not only will this build your network, it extends your credibility and net worth by demonstrating your resourcefulness and passion towards the industry.

This will also work great for you that may not be inclined to create your own content. If this is you, share, share and SHARE content that you’re passionate about.

#3: Connect With Likeminded People

Connect With Likeminded People

Now that you’ve generated content (whether by creating or sharing them) that is relevant to you,  it’s time to get connected to people of similar interests to grow your network.

When I say ‘connect’, I don’t mean just adding them as a ‘friend’. Actively connect with them by genuinely getting to know them. Participate in tweetchats, try contributing ideas on other people’s content by leaving a comment or by sharing their content. Take genuine interest in what they are doing and you’ll be off in building a great relationship.

Now what?

The thing about building your net worth is that it takes a lot of time and commitment, and there is no one fixed formula in making it happen. However through this, your credibility in the industry will be established over time.

Now head over to your social profiles if you haven’t already and take a look at whether you’re sending out the right message to the public. If you aren’t, start today!

Post header photo credit: Stephen Chukumba