Project Description

The Berjaya group is one of Malaysia’s largest companies which controls a wide array of businesses. With that said, there was a challenge in keeping the entire organization in sync with the brand’s movements and activities – in which an upgrade towards the existing Intranet is required.

  • From Idea to Execution: A series of ideas were developed from scratch based on the group’s business objectives that spans from communication, human resource, intra-organization engagement to CSR. These ideas include gamification of processes, improvement of internal transactions and connectivity between features and HR functions and were then executed into various versions of prototypes.
  • User Interface Design and Integration: The user interface was designed based on careful inspection of the organization’s hugely diverse group of users. The actual system is then developed and integrated into the SharePoint architecture.

Noteable Results

  • A reported increase of user engagement
  • Users also spend more time on the Intranet than before

Project Details

Client: Berjaya Corporation
Project Awarded in: Q4 2012
Current Status: Completed in Q2, 2013.