Tech Developer

We are constantly in the look out for developers who are have an interest in back- or front- end development work. If you have what it takes, do drop your contact in the form below. You may also attach your previous experience for us to review.

Job Description

  • Effectively utilise technical skills and have comprehensive understanding of the client’s business problems to assist in delivering quality products on either web or mobile
  • Contribute to the development of mobile, web-based, or any social media-related applications

Day-to-day Duties

  • Assist lead developer in existing development works, system architecture design, and technical documentations
  • Create and troubleshoot web-based or mobile applications
  • Produce site layouts / user interfaces from provided design concepts by using standard HTML / CSS practices

Successful candidates shall possess:

  • Skills in PHP, HTML, JavaScript, MYSQL, Web Design, and CSS
  • Additional advantages:
    • Knowledge in HTML5, CSS3, Mobile App Development (iOS or Android), Social Media APIs, WordPress, and Mobile Platform Savvy


We welcome fresh grads too!

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