Renita Ting

openminds intern renita ting

Through these three months, I feel very happy and enjoy working as an intern at OpenMinds. The short time I spent at OpenMinds has truly taught me many new things and more impactful experiences. The team here at OpenMinds is really like a family, helping each other and growing together, and also helping me step […]

Cheryl Ang

openminds intern cheryl ang

As I grew up, I always wanted a job where I could be myself. I told myself that I’d need to get a job with great culture with new learning experiences. As I came to OpenMinds, I found that this is THE place that will help me kickstart my career journey. Being here and working […]

Sona Jessica Merlin

“It looks sweet!” “Convincing enough.” “Sugar-coated, perhaps?” Those were the few words that crossed my mind when I first viewed the internship page of OpenMinds’ website. I have to say, all the good things that were said are true. My internship with OpenMinds™ has nothing to do with coffee-making or wiping dust off desks. It […]

Yi-Jet Wong

It sucks when you don’t possess your own vehicle in the Klang Valley, that was already a limiting factor when I was looking for an internship. Moreover, with the long hair that I was growing out I knew I needed to work in a place where it was open to different cultures, business with a […]

Jules Gaire

openminds intern jules gaire

My internship at OpenMinds was incredible. I had the chance to take part in the early stage of starting up OpenMinds Hong Kong for a month, followed by three months at the headquarters in Kuala Lumpur. I had the opportunity to grow in two different cities and work environment. The knowledge you can acquire as […]

Goh Ee Vonne

My internship experience at OpenMinds in the Social Media team was very fulfilling. The part where I love most about this company is that I got to ask a lot of questions and all my questions wouldn’t be left unanswered. I am very grateful that I was able to be a part of OpenMinds because […]

Michii Tam

I am glad that I had the privilege to join OpenMinds™ as an intern. It is one of the luckiest things that ever happened to me as I had a lot of opportunities to learn and explore. I worked as a social media intern during the internship period and I learned more than I expected! […]

Chow Kay Sern

openminds intern chow kay sern

I am so grateful to say that OpenMinds Resources allowed me to experiment and explore new business ideas as well. I remember how nervous I was to suggest a multi-social media integration platform to help with OpenMinds Resources’ clients, as well as organizing the brand via social media. In this process I researched the platform, […]

Kylie Saw

openminds intern kylie

I was accepted into this internship, most likely on the basis of my Instagram expertise. This was a company that did things in the way you would see in movies, those “cool” companies. It was surreal. During my time, I had the opportunity of peering in to the effort and passion that went on behind-the-scenes […]

Samantha Low

openminds intern samantha low

My experience in OpenMinds™ as a graphic design intern has been a delightful one. What I enjoy the most is the stress-free working environment. Throughout my 2 months in OM, I’ve learned the importance of teamwork. Working together as a team helped my performance as I have others to always give me their full support. […]