Before I started this internship I knew very little about digital analysis, so throughout this internship, I’ve been given the opportunity to work on various projects, in the beginning, I couldn’t even make sense of all the confusing metrics and the marketing jargon, everything is very new to me, but fortunately, all the team members have been very patient with me, they are always there to guide and answer my doubt whenever I’m stuck.

I’m really grateful for such amazing and supportive team members!

I’ve learned and grown more than I expected for the past 3 months with OpenMinds, this is all thanks to the feedback and guidance that I’ve gotten from the team for giving me all the support I need during my internship. It is through OpenMinds that I have discovered where my strength and weakness lies and that has helped me become a better version of myself!

Thank you OpenMinds, for providing me a memorable yet valuable internship experience that I couldn’t find anywhere else!