Being accepted to join OpenMinds™ as an intern has been one of the most amazing experience. My internship experience in OpenMinds™ as a social media intern has been very enjoyable and I have definitely enjoyed working in a stress-free working environment with everyone else. One of the reasons as to why I managed to settle in so quickly was because the people here at OpenMinds™ were really friendly and helpful which helped me build friendships as well.

During my two months’ internship here at OpenMinds™, I have gained a lot of hands-on experiences & learned essential skills and knowledge that I need to help me excel in my career of choice in the future. I was also lucky enough to have been given the opportunity to work with such an amazing team that gave me endless guidance & support in the things that I’ve done despite the challenges I may have had to go through. Thank you, OpenMinds™ for giving me such an amazing opportunity!