Working with the three main teams at OpenMinds really broadened my view on how a social setting exists within a startup. It was an amazing experience and what a way to start my working journey!

The short time I spent at OpenMinds has truly been an impactful experience. From table arrangements to content strategies, the team at OpenMinds constantly strives to exceed expectations defying mind-numbing norms. Throughout the 3 months that I have been interning at this startup, I have been given the space to express, the permission to fail and the guidance to learn. The team here at OpenMinds has thrown me deep into places that are out of my comfort zone, and while it was challenging to tread open waters, it has only made me a better swimmer. Of all the valuable trade secrets I’ve learned, I realised that the best strategy is to always invest in people. So thank you, OpenMinds, for the open pantry and (sometimes) free coffee. Cheers!’