If there’s one phrase that I would like to use to describe my internship journey in OpenMinds, it would be “GROWTH.” The first day I joined OM, Jan told me that my growth is determined by how active I am, so don’t hold back. I was encouraged by Jan’s word, and I went all-in during my internship. From the very start, I mentioned to Celine, my team leader, that I would like to try and learn as many kinds of stuff as possible about Digital Marketing. She took that in mind and did not hold back because I’m only an intern. In fact, Celine did provide me with chances to try and learn different things, and I’m very grateful for that!

Aside from the knowledge and experiences I gained from my internship, I’m also very thankful that people in OM are always very willing to share their experiences and skills! OM is not your typical company. Besides their 11 am – 6 pm working hours, OM has the best company culture ever. Before joining, I never imagined that I could actually go up to anyone in this company and get pieces of advice from them as an intern. I might sound like sugar-coating it but trust me; you will never regret joining this company.

Word can’t express how much I appreciate having such a fruitful internship experience. I believe that this internship experience will have a massive impact on my career path in the future. Thank you all once again for providing me an opportunity to grow and learn, and I’m thankful to those who guided me throughout the whole internship. I’m proud that I’m once an OMster.