My internship here at OpenMinds has been an extraordinary journey and one of the things that I have been very grateful towards. Before joining OpenMinds, I never thought working could be fun, but OpenMinds has definitely made me rethink that. During my short time here, I was given the opportunity to be involved in various projects, which undoubtedly has provided me with the knowledge to develop new skills, both professionally and personally.

I was extremely lucky to be surrounded by a superb team that is always ready to answer any doubts or concerns that I have and never hesitated in sharing their knowledge with me. Aside from that, very rarely would a company listen to interns’ opinions or thoughts, but OpenMinds took every opinion seriously, regardless of position.

I am truly grateful to OpenMinds for providing me with the opportunity to complete my internship here. The knowledge and experience that I acquired here will greatly help me to learn and grow as a person. It was really a valuable journey!